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Hot Buffet Meals

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Thyme Out Cafe is a Youthline social enterprise.

Profits earned serve Youthline throughout the Auckland region.

By choosing ThymeOut you're helping Youthline continue to provide important youth development programs and support services
The Youthline vision is to create communities, which relate to the needs of young people, respond to them, and support them to achieve their potential.

Sweet Bites

A selection of delicious sweet options.

Savoury Bites

 A selection of hot & cold savoury bites.

Fresh Fruit


Choose from our wide variety of sandwich types, with a selection of different fillings

Buffet Meals

 All buffet dishes are made at 'The Station, therefore PICK UP option must be from our Manukau site, or can be delivered in heat controlled polystyrene boxes using our delivery service

All dishes serve 5 to 8 people